For Pastors

Thank you, Pastor, for taking the time to check out our website. Feel free to browse and read about our family and evangelism ministry, look at the some pictures, watch some videos, and/or read our newest prayer letter.

Having been a Pastor for nine years, I fully understand the demands, pressures, heart aches, blessings and joy that comes with your ministry. Our desire is for our ministry to enhance, assist and partner with your ministry. We are very aware that the ministry of the local church is the Lord's means to reach this generation with the glorious Gospel message.

The following are ways that we strive to do just that:

1. Through evangelism training with your people. I have done everything from intensive seminars as short as one hour, to as long as eight weekly 2 - 4 hour sessions. These can be done any day of the week; they are usually very helpful for the believers.

2. Taking your flock out on the streets with me. Experience tells me that only 5 - 15% of the people in your congregation will be brave enough to do this, but for those who do go it is almost always a very positive experience: I have seen the Lord use this to ignite several people in the area of evangelism. I recommend at least one hour of prayer and preparation (a "What to Expect" seminar) before going out: especially the first time.

3. Special events. Is there a special annual event that is unique to your community each year? A giant flea market? A Steer BBQ? A festival of some kind? What an opportunity to spread the Gospel in your own community! We would love to come and help you with that.p>

4. Pulpit supply. Sometimes an evangelist coming in to teach, instruct, challenge, exhort, edify, and even rebuke the people is a good thing for the people, as you know. In a typical year I will preach in 15 - 25 pulpits all over the Maritimes and Maine.

5. Missions conferences. I have had the priviledge of being invited to several Missions Conferences over the years. If you would like to have our family come to yours, we would be delighted.

6. Door-to-door ministry. If you have a desire to go door-to-door in your neighbourhood and would like someone to go along with you, give me a call.

7. Christian literature. I have an assortment of good books, DVDs, CDs, Gospel tracts, Bibles, and creation material that you may find helpful: especially if you need it right away.

I am convinced that many of the trivial problems in most congregations would never become issues if the people had a passion for the souls of their lost friends, neighbours, coworkers and strangers.

I am fully aware that there are only so many days in a week, and only so many hours in a day. If you have difficulty finding the time to cultivate a meaningful evangelism ministry, perhaps I can help. It would be an honour.

Listen to what one former Pastor turned evangelist once wrote:

"I once attended an interdenominational prayer meeting, where I could tell who attended a particular church simply by the way they prayed. I could recognize phrases of their Pastors in their prayers. It confirmed that congregations imitate their Pastors. This is why I fully advise a Pastor to join a secular health club, or a golf club, or somewhere where he will rub shoulders with the ungodly. I encourage him to regularly tell his congregation of his witnessing experiences and to share his fears to show not only that he condescends to witness to the unsaved, but that he has the same fears as they have. In this way he can lead the flock of God, and it won't be long before they imitate him."

2 Timothy 2:2

"And the things that you have heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also."

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